Studies of waders in czarist Russia, the USSR, Commonwealth of Independent States

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     Second half of the 19th – 20th centuries. Accumulation of data about species diversity and distribution of waders.

Beginning of the 20th century. The first summary of data on waders (Buturlin 1902, 1905. “Waders of the Russian Empire”). Studies focused on waders have started.

Soviet period prior to 1950. Collection of occasional information in course of faunistic surveys. Analysis of geographic variation and basic completion of subspecies description for birds of Palearctic.

1951-1972. The handbook “Birds of the USSR” (Dementiev et al. 1951-1954) and several regional faunistic reviews were published. First ecologo-morphological reviews on waders (Kozlova 1961, 1962; Yudin 1965). The start of regular publications on various aspects of wader ecology.

1973. V.E. Flint organized the first all-Union conference “Fauna and ecology of waders” (29-30 March, Moscow), which gave strong impulse to further broadening of wader studies.

1979. The Second conference on “Fauna and ecology of waders” (5-7 February, Moscow).

1987. The Third conference “Distribution, biology and conservation of waders” (29-30 October, Moscow). Foundation of the Working Group on Waders (WGW) under the auspices of the All-Union Ornithological Society of the USSR (currently the Menzbier Ornithological Society), and initiation of regular publication of the bulletin “Information Materials of the WGW” since 1988. Initiation of regular contacts between the WGW and the International Wader Study Group.

1990. The Fourth conference “Distribution, biology and conservation of waders” (6-8 February, Donetsk, the Ukraine)

1992. Conference of the International Wader Study Group in Odessa (13-17 April). Adoption of “The Odessa protocol on international co-operation on migratory flyway research and conservation” [Int. Wader Studies, 10: 17-18]

2000. The Fifth conference “Waders of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia on the turn of centuries” (2-4 February, Moscow).

2004. The Sixth conference “Waders of the Eastern Europe and Northern Asia: studies and conservation” (4-7 February, Ekaterinburg).

2007. The Seventh conference”Achievements in studies of waders of Northern Eurasia”(5-8 February, Michurinsk).

2009. The Eighth conference “Waders of Northern Eurasia: ecology, migration and conservation” is planned in November, in Rostov-on-Don. Information letter #1(in Russian).