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Waders, or shorebirds is a diverse group of small to medium-sized waterbirds. They can be found in suitable habitats almost everywhere, including wastelands and waterbodies of large cities like Moscow or St.-Petersburg, while in some regions (tundra) waders are the most abundant birds.

Waders demonstrate a remarkable diversity of mating systems and unique long-distance transcontinental seasonal migrations. Many species are subject to sport hunting, while several other species are threatened or even endangered by extinction. Our knowledge of biology of many species of waders is still far from being complete.

The Working Group on Waders (WGW) was established in 1987 as a working group of the All-union Ornithological Society (currently Menzbier Ornithological Society). The WGW brings together scientists and amateur ornithologists interested in gaining knowledge about waders and concerned about future of their species and populations. The WGW implements research and conservation projects, publishes annual issues of the “Information Materials of the WGW” and occasionally other editions.

This website aims at spreading information about waders and activities of the WGW among all interested in these wonderful birds, and at facilitating information exchange between WGW members.